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software de gestión energético

Información en tiempo realAhorro de energíaOptimización de potenciaControl de costes

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La solución inteligente para analizar y monitorizar tus consumos energéticos.

uGRID es un producto tecnológico desarrollado por MIWenergía y la empresa de innovación TIC de la Universidad de Murcia.

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Somos una empresa energética con espíritu innovador que apuesta decididamente por la eficiencia energética y el respeto por el medio ambiente.

La plataforma uGRID tiene como objetivo la digitalización de consumos energéticos con el fin de proporcionar al consumidor final mayor información sobre su demanda de energía eléctrica y conseguir la máxima eficiencia energética posible.

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Browser Mockup


uGRID es el software que te proporciona una potente herramienta para la mejora de la eficiencia energética de tus clientes.

  • Oportunidades de ahorro

    Oportunidades de ahorro

    Oportunidades de ahorro

    Detecta ahorros potenciales.

  • Alertas



    Recibe alertas programadas de forma personalizada.

  • Mejora del servicio

    Mejora del servicio

    Mejora del servicio

    Un gestor energético disponible las 24 horas.

  • Información



    La gestión de datos de consumo ofrece un mayor conocimiento energético y facilita la toma de medidas de ahorro.

  • Informes



    Visualiza el estado de tu proyecto a través de informes periódicos.

  • Cuadro de mandos personalizado

    Cuadro de mandos personalizado

    Cuadro de mandos personalizado

    Analiza tu proyecto a tu medida.



Escoge la licencia que mejor se adapte a ti.

    Leading 5 Best N64ROMs to Play

    Nintendo’s groundbreaking Project Fact has actually transformed the means we think of video gaming. These 90s consoles offered really effective 64-bit hardware and also an effective facilities for video game growth.
    Because of this, only the most effective console variations were released.
    The style of the N64 is a breakable cookie, however the makers of mods and also fan games have actually striven throughout the years to gather their favorite games, catch their fundamental style and also establish them.
    Right here we would love to share the most unexpected results of their initiatives. All these amazing N64 ROM hacks are available online totally free and also offer several brand-new b-functions to upgrade your preferred N64 nintendo 64 emulator games.

    Super Mario 64: Last Effect (SM64).

    This is not the very first time Kaz Emanor has actually passed one of the ROM hack ratings.
    The remediation of this astonishingly brilliant as well as innovative timeless SM64 can not be fully finished.
    Completion result was to be anticipated.
    You can finish brand-new levels, brand-new challenges and also brand-new employers, yet introduce brand-new auto mechanics like Super Mario Sunlight FLUDD and Riding Yoshi to reach new levels.
    It is a technical wonder full of unconventional sources. This is a kind of spiritual successor or unofficial collection that is really different from the initial game. That you intend to play completely well.

    GoldenEye X (entirely dark).

    The original suggestion was to boost 007’s golden eyes.
    And also I was really confused when I recognized that I needed an entirely dark ROM for this.
    Instead of improving the initial GoldenEye engine, this hack will bring all of GoldenEye’s multiplayer degrees, weapons, as well as personalities to the full Dark Engine. He likewise shops PD weapons and also personalities to raise their variety.
    Among one of the most useful attributes is the enhancement of approximately 8 little bits to multiplayer setting. It was not possible with the initial gold eyes.
    This is just one of those insane methods that you will absolutely like.

    Super Mario 64: Lost Celebrity (SM64).

    One more terrific SM64 hack is Lost Stars. We are adding a great deal of new material and tweaks to the first feature B of the game for a much more enjoyable experience.
    New features consist of a revamped day/ night soundtrack that influences accessibility levels, upgraded proprietors, brand-new enemies, and brand-new customized beats for missing celebrities.
    The soundtrack is wonderful.
    If you’re brave, you can additionally play as Luigi with no significant adjustments to the game. Yet it enables you to show your love for older brothers and sis.

    Anniversary of Zelda (Time Ocarina).

    We talked about several of the popular heroes of the moment and also several of the ROM hacks connected with his journey.
    Nevertheless, none vary substantially from the original story.
    Zelda Schedule offers customers a whole brand-new experience as well as changes the development of relationships through soil, discussion and shared purpose.
    There are 3 totally upgraded spaces, side questions as well as other touches to the way you play.
    This is something you don’t typically see in LoZ games.

    F-ZERO X Orgasm (F-ZERO X).

    Another excellent ROM hack for the very same purpose is F-ZERO X Orgasm. Instead of including an entirely new track, we moved the scene from the only GBA title in Japan – F-ZERO Climax.
    The author made sure that he is well tuned to collaborate with this engine. This consists of including additional ramps and leap pads to make each run a lot more vertical.
    Not fitted for this engine, this vehicle seems a little weird at times, but it’s not noticeable that the skill of the initial GBA designer isn’t noticeable.

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    Estimations for the very best DS video games

    Mario Kart DS

    Nintendo’s fifth original video game presented several of the very first video games in the hit collection to aid you stay ahead of the competitors. It was the very first game in the franchise to allow gamers from all over the globe to fight each other (although this was not always the simplest experience). New items have been launched such as Ballet Bull and Plan, and there are new combat modes. This results in conversations with good friends named Shane Runner. The 16 new tracks consist of 4 cups along with 16 retro tracks featuring classic training courses from previous SNES, N64, GBA as well as GameCube launches. Mario Kart DS is totally immersed in web content and does not point out unique and unique missions that even more prolong the life of the game. Add the extensive racing technicians that have actually been the front runner of the collection considering that launch for the best DS experience money can get.

    Pokemon black and white

    Fundamental Edition and also Pokemon aren’t typically made use of together, but Video game Freak has actually tried to bring in a lot of originalities, at least from the very successful collection. The introduction of a brand-new battle auto mechanic that will allow you to destroy three PokГ©mon simultaneously and create an effective scrap team is extremely evident. It coincides with rotation fights, but you can openly rotate gorgeous creatures to boost your possibilities of battle. Nicely, the video game has been substantially enhanced over Diamonds and Pearls with several new side questions as well as new mini-games. Pokemon games have always been so addictive as well as black and white has actually set a new requirement for Junichi Masuda as well as his group. Playing retro nds roms pokemon white games is akin to going back to places you haven’t visited since childhood, here are all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.

    New Super Mario Bros

    As Nintendo takes Mario 3D gaming to the next level, it loses its traditional side-adventure. When the new Super Mario Bruce was released in 2006, there have been no major side games since Super Mario World in 1990. Once you reach the skillfully created levels of the game and discover new fun bonuses, you will forget about it. These include mega-mushrooms, which increase the amount of marijuana and destroy everything that comes in contact with it, and mini-mushrooms, which are necessary to reduce the amount of marijuana to a certain level. This is a great return to the popular form of plumbing, which has sold over 30 million copies.

    Pokemon of Conquest

    Nintendo’s decision to combine the popular Pokemon Koei Tekmo series with the Nobunaga Ambition series is critical to understanding how popular Koei strategies are in Japan. While some are disappointed that there are only 649 PokГ©mon and most of these special moves are missing, there is nothing wrong with the combat mechanics taken, no matter how powerful or witty the initial balance of most of the battles in the game is. … As with the best crossovers, he builds on the core elements of both games, but isn’t afraid to create his own personality as you explore Lance’s beautiful countryside with trusty Eevee.

    The Legend of Zelda Phantom Haglass

    Interestingly, while Zelda DS Adventure remains an interesting release on its own, it doesn’t quite live up to the reputation of its predecessor, Boy Games. Better than Spiritual Tracks because it feels like a lot of touchscreen use and I love the way you have to go back and explore big nooks rather than fighting in tiny rooms like other Zelda games. … The Phantom watch glass also looks great and retains the unique wind cell shade and mechanically rich shape, which allows for the use of new materials. The name Phantom Horroglass offers a unique way to explore the world of animated games.

    Les meilleurs jeux vidéo sur Nintendo Switch

    The Witcher 3: Wild Search

    The Witcher 3: Wild Quest – la réparation de la célèbre série de l’atelier polonais CD Projekt RED, qui incorporera le conte non linéaire de marque et également le globe ouvert, qui sera certainement plus que tout autre dans le RPG moderne, couplé avec graphiques modernes. Et aussi la superficie totale du monde du jeu est trente fois plus grande que le globe de la partie précédente de la série.
    Dans The Witcher 3, le monde est entièrement ouvert à l’expédition, sans limites artificielles ni restrictions pour sa conquête. Dans le jeu, vous pourrez certainement utiliser différents moyens de transport, par exemple des chevaux et aussi des navires, pour parcourir ce globe aux multiples facettes.
    L’histoire du jeu vidéo Wild Search continue l’histoire de Geralt de Rivia, le sorcier et chercheur de monstres. L’histoire du jeu vidéo sera centrée sur une toute nouvelle intrusion de Nilfgaard, ainsi que sur la recherche d’un amoureux du hangar ainsi que sur le conflit avec la Wild Quest. L’histoire du jeu ne sera certainement plus séparée en une sélection de phases, ce qui a fini par être réalisable grâce au moteur de nouvelle génération REDengine 3. De même que les décisions prises au cours de l’histoire auront certainement d’autres excellentes répercussions. que dans les parties précédentes. Sur notre site telecharger com, vous pouvez trouver un émulateur capable de prendre en charge vos jeux de console préférés, puis télécharger des jeux ROM compatibles.

    The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild

    The Tale of Zelda: Breath of the Wild est une nouvelle installation de la série légendaire, qui est établie spécifiquement pour la Nintendo Wii U ainsi que les consoles Switch. L’activité du jeu se déroule dans un monde dynamique complètement ouvert, et les graphismes de Breath of the Wild le portent à un tout nouveau degré. Les joueurs prennent toujours le contrôle d’une fée appelée Link, qui a acquis de toutes nouvelles compétences et capacités grâce à une toute nouvelle manette de jeu avec de nouvelles options d’interface utilisateur. Et le monde du jeu est toujours rempli de défis à résoudre.
    Dans The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, vous pouvez escalader des tours et des collines optimales à la recherche de nouveaux objectifs, créer vos propres parcours uniques et vraiment ressentir le souffle de la nature sauvage – dans le jeu vous pouvez collecter des produits, nager, visiter des pièces importantes, gravir des élévations, réduire les arbres, rechercher, combattre des ennemis, préparer des remèdes, etc.

    Super Mario Odyssée

    Super Mario Odyssey est un jeu addictif qui s’appelle Mario’s Odyssey ainsi qu’une aventure en 3D dans laquelle le tireur doit se battre contre des créatures étranges qui sont appelées par sa moustache. Dans ce jeu, il doit récupérer les lunes qui poussent un vaisseau volant appelé Odyssey, et combattre Bowser, qui complote pour épouser la princesse Peach !
    C’est un jeu de plateforme en monde ouvert passionnant qui poursuit la pratique développée dans Super Mario 64, lancé en 1997, ainsi que le traditionnel Super Mario Sunshine pour la Nintendo GameCube de 2002. Avec de nouvelles relocalisations de Mario telles que le lancer de chapeau, le saut de chapeau ainsi que le claquement , vous trouverez un gameplay extrêmement agréable et attrayant, contrairement à d’autres jeux Mario. Dans le jeu, préparez-vous à être empoisonné au-delà des limites du Royaume Champignon !

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe est la toute nouvelle version de la galerie prête pour la Nintendo Switch. Les joueurs expérimenteront certainement le multijoueur local pour jusqu’à 4 joueurs à la fois avec une résolution de 1080p à la télévision et le jeu fournira également toutes les pistes et les personnalités du 8e opus initial, y compris le contenu téléchargeable. Et aussi, les Inklings apparaîtront dans le jeu en tant que toutes nouvelles personnalités des visiteurs, aux côtés de King Boo, Dry Bones et Bowser Jr

    The Witcher 3: Wild Quest – Sang et vin blanc

    Blood and A glass of wine est la deuxième et dernière amélioration significative, après Stone Hearts, pour le jeu de rôle efficace The Witcher 3: Wild Quest.
    Le jeu Blood as Wine est le plus récent ajout, offrant plus de 20 heures de nouveau voyage dans les terres de Toussaint. Ceux qui connaissent les publications d’Andrzej Sapkowski ont probablement rencontré ces terres et attendaient une chance de les explorer dans le cosmos du jeu. Et aussi maintenant, en fin de compte, vous aurez la possibilité de le faire dans ce jeu, en voyageant dans une région ensoleillée et magnifique, qui peut contraster avec la configuration fantastique du conte de fées.

    Which Premium Jane product do you like to use the most?

    There are a few different Premium Jane products that I really like to use on a regular basis. I think that the premium jane CBD tinctures are some of my favorite products to use, because they are really easy to take and they seem to work really well for me. I also really like the Premium Jane topicals, which I find to be very effective in terms of relieving pain and tension. Overall, I think that all of the Premium Jane products are great and have their own unique benefits.

    Do you have any thoughts on the rising demand for CBD oil?

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    What are Green Roads World CBD oil coupons?

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    What games are available at Winward Casino?

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    Have you ever played at wager beat casino?

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